A few years ago my son and I set out to make a bed frame with the intention of using local wood to make the bed feel more like “home.”  We are all – trees and people – connected to each other through the land that supports us. For those of you who live here, I hope you will appreciate the beauty of each piece and feel this belonging and connection with place. I am always delighted by the beauty and character of these unusual species.

My intention with most pieces is to intervene as little as possible - to create a piece that meets functional requirements yet preserves the essence of the tree. This means that these pieces have rough spots such as bark and saw marks (on the sides and back) that reveal the character, life and journey of the tree as it made its way to you.

With this beautiful wood I create sculptural benches, dining tables, desks, coffee tables, shelves, conference tables and headboards. Some are so dramatic they can be hung on the wall as art.

Paul Gardner Harris


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